One of my favorite times of the year is the early summer….and you know why, right? VBS! That’s right! I know, I know….for many ministers (especially Youth Ministers) VBS is actually one of the busiest times of the year. There is so much planning to be done, so many items to get in order, so many children….and it can be overwhelming. But it can also be overwhelmingly fun!

One of my favorite things about VBS is that it is a great way to reach out to our local communities. However, and let’s be honest about this, we aren’t always the best at ACTUALLY reaching out to them. We may have a few families that bring some friends, but most of the time our VBS ends up being more for us than it does the “guests.”

Would you like to change that this year? Let me show you how!

First of all, we must realize the power of social media. Last year we created a short promotional video to highlight our upcoming VBS. We wanted it to be FOR our community and something that would attract and not turn away. So, we had some fun with it! The theme for our VBS was “Under the Big Top!” and it was circus themed – it was truly brilliant. We spent 4 wonderful evenings exploring the stories of the “worlds strongest man (Sampson),” “The man who interprets dreams (Joseph),” and many more. We had a LOT of fun and the kids loved it. You can check out our video above – it’s the actual one we created.

We took our short promotional video and shared it ALL over social media – all of which was FREE! Our members loved using it as an invitational tool and we had over 100 shares across Facebook….but that’s not it! We also posted our VBS video and info on the “City of Lewisville” Facebook page – and boy did that ever make a difference! We had over 1000 views and LOTS of people coming to our website and church Facebook page because of it. This simple video and sharing process created a buzz around our upcoming VBS.

We had 60 NEW visitors in our first year with this method. We had people who had never been to church come and join us because they had seen our video on social media! How cool is that?! And the best part, we hadn’t even “boosted” the post (paying money to Facebook to share it all over social media). This was all from our members!

So, would you like a short “hype” video for your upcoming VBS? Can we help you create something awesome that will draw in visitors in your local area? We would love to help! We at Hidden Bridge Media are offering a flat rate on promotional videos that will be tailored to your congregation and your VBS theme! You tell us what it is all about and we will make it for you. Now, if you know anything about video production and the like, you know that this can be a pretty expensive endeavor. In fact, a lot of production companies will charge upwards of a $1000 for a simple hype video….well, not us.

Why? Because we believe in you and what you are doing. We believe in evangelism and using social media to reach the lost. Facebook alone, if it were a country, would be the third largest nation in the world and its time that they started seeing your churches information and events. Let us help in that.

So, what is the cost for one of the videos? Simple. $250 flat fee. This allows us to give you a high-end product and also allows us to continue to make a lot of the items we make FREE. If you hadn’t noticed, we like to give things away when we can!

So head on over to our “services” are of our website (link below) and let us help you make an impact this summer! We can’t wait to hear all about the results from your VBS and we would love to help make it a success.

Brandon & Brandon


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