There are some lessons that seem to be learned slowly or over a long period of time. Then there are the lessons that are simply timeless.

We wanted to take a minute and invite you to our newest series – “The Masterpiece Collection” – a series that follows Dr. Terry Edwards as he leads us all through timeless historical and biblical lessons found in the Tuscan region of Italy.

Dr. Terry Edwards (Ph. D. in Humanities – Florida State University – 93′) is a Professor of Bible and Humanities at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. He is a scholar and a true follower of Christ. His biblical understanding and ability to see both historical lessons and their biblical counterpart is both engaging and fascinating.

We were blessed to spend time with him this spring filming on location in Tuscany and are extremely pleased to be able to share these with you as our gift – because, you see, they were a gift to us and we feel that they are best served as that – a gift to all.

We at Hidden Bridge Media are proud to share with you all – The Masterpiece Collection.

Il Davide

The Vitruvian Man

Angeli Del Fango

Christian Imagery and Iconography




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