Ok – so….we’ve never done this before….so here goes nothing!

Many of you may or may not know but I will be leading a trip to Athens, Greece this coming summer to work alongside refugees and Christian refugees. We will be conducting Bible studies, hosting 80 refugees for a spiritual retreat, and conducting a VBS for the children (their first EVER for many of these children). We are INCREDIBLY excited about this spiritual opportunity to go and serve those who have lost everything, have given up everything, and those who are in dire need of spiritual and physical assistance.

Having said this, myself and Brandon Jackson wanted to do something special instead of simply “raising support.” We wanted to invite you along on our journey to be part of it all.

We will be shooting a documentary while on the trip to tell the stories of the refugees…and the ones who care for them day in and day out. We are AWESOMELY aware of how amazing this opportunity is and we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves!

So, myself and 20 others will be heading to Athens in July….and we at Hidden Bridge Media decided to spice things up since we will be making this documentary. We are offering some INCREDIBLE incentives for you, your church family, your youth ministry, or your ministry. Seriously. We are offering some ridiculously awesome things – why? Because we wanted to invite you to be a part of it….that and we plan on GIVING away the documentary at the end….FOR FREE.

COMPLETELY FREE. And we need you do to that. So, head on over to Kickstarter (link below), watch our explanation video, and then give!

If you or your church family would like to be able to send a check directly to a church, the Faith Village Church of Christ is sponsoring this trip and you can also send it directly there. How cool is that?!

If you have any more questions, send me a message through Facebook and Ill be more than happy to answer. No gift is too small and no amount is too large – everything above what we need will go to making the trip happen and then directly to the ministry that works with the Christian refugees every day. God is good!

THANK YOU in ADVANCE. I know you guys will come through! #HBMedia

Ok….so here goes….love you all!

Kickstarter – CLICK HERE TO GIVE!

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