One of my favorite tools for streamlining all that goes into a modern Sunday morning/evening worship services is ProPresenter 6. ProPresenter has been around for quite a few years but I am still amazed at how few churches use it – it is simply magical in its “simplicity.”

ProPresenter does something really cool – it allows you to upload all of your paperless hymnal, PowerPoints, videos, and media into one program so that you can manage all of them without having to switch platforms (you know – moving the video over to the black screen, blacking out your screen, mouse moves over on the screen and pressed play on the video, then after it finished you drag off the video and drag back on the PowerPoint songs….).

All you do is upload your paperless hymnal once (this takes a while), and then you can build a playlist for Sunday (almost like building a playlist on iTunes of your favorite music). You simply drag your songs (all of which are SEARCHABLE by title or number – how cool is that?!) into your playlist and then choose which verses you would like to sing and which one you don’t want to sing. You can even add your PowerPoint for the sermon into the system and drop it into your playlist. If you are like us (a larger church), you may even have slides you put up for during the Lords Supper or Prayers. All of this can be done within ProPresenter without having to switch back and forth. Each week your song leader and preacher simply email over the list of songs, verse numbers, and/or PowerPoint and it takes about 3 minutes to set up a new playlist for that Sundays worship service. It is also REALLY great for impromptu song changes – since every song is searchable by title the Song leader can simply announce the name of the song and the user can do a quick search and have the song pulled up in less than 10 seconds. It’s really that fast.

The best part about ProPresenter is that is it cross-platform (which means it can be used on either a Mac or Windows). For those of you who use PC’s – it will work for you! For those of you who work off of Mac’s – same goes for you.

Another cool feature is that ProPresenter is affordable – it’s $399 for one computer or $799 for a “site license.” Basically, you can install it on any computer that will be used in that facility – so you can add it to your sound room but also have it in your classrooms if you should choose to use such technology in teaching.

So, take a look at ProPresenter. I recommend it highly for all of its usability and simplicity.

Click here for their website – ProPresenter 6.

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