The Historical Church & Rome (Video Series)


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The Historical Church & Rome video series is a mini-series of 6 short (4-5 minute) videos following Dr. Terry Edwards (Ph.D. in Humanities from Florida State and current Bible Professor at Faulkner University) as he details early Christian facts about the life and times of the Christians in Rome, the catacombs, iconography, the Coliseum, the papacy, and St. Peters basilica. Filmed on location in Rome, Italy.

Each mini-film covers a different subject matter – St. Peters basilica, the early “popes,” Christian life in the first century and their burial practices, iconography found in the Catacombs, and the Roman world of “bread and circuses.”


Download Includes

  • St. Peters Video
  • The Coliseum Video
  • The Catacombs Video
  • The Papacy Video
  • Early Christian Imagery Video
  • Christian Heritage Video
  • The Church and Rome Social Media Profile Picture



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