Serve God: Teen Bible Study (13 Week)


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The “SERVE GOD” series is a 13-week series designed to help your youth group focus on that which is truly important – to SERVE GOD. Within this series your teens will be challenged in their understanding of the scriptures, God Himself, their prayer life, and how they view faith.

Written with teens in mind, it is an open Bible, small group, discussion-based curriculum that places the teen in a position to have to think about their current faith, evaluate it in the light of scripture, and then find practical ways to serve God in their daily lives.

It is a challenge. We hope and pray that all who use this series will be strengthened in their faith and that all the glory be given to God!

Download Includes

  • 13 Week – Teacher Handout
  • 13 Week – Student Handout
  • Serve God Social Media Profile Picture


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