God’s Heart (Sermon Series)


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There are many things that one could preach about when it comes to Gods love – too many to count. However, there are some that are often overlooked. This little mini-series will help you preach/teach on the five main overlooked topics when teaching about Gods love.

These lessons are made to be shareable on social media – As you prepare to teach these as either a class series or a sermon series, use the images already made for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with your audience. We have also provided PowerPoint slides for each lesson (editable) so that you don’t have to do all the work!

Lesson Titles

  • God’s Love is Unconditional. God’s Grace and Mercy are not.
  • God Disciplines the Ones He loves. Always.
  • You are Commanded to Love. It’s not Optional.
  • You must Love the way God Loves. Sacrificially
  • Love is a Choice. Choose to Love.

Download Includes

  • 5 Powerpoint Outlines
  • 6 Facebook Cover Photo Images, including a Title Slide
  • 6 Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Profile Images
  • Brief Lesson Guide for all Five Lesson



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