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“It is about YOU. That’s right. You. We know that in this world there are many who have questions. We also know that there are many who are hurting and are searching for answers. We simply want to help. So, go ahead and ask your questions.”

Our 12Questions event was all about those “seeking” answers to life’s hard questions. We took in over 3000 questions from all over the world and boiled them down to the top 12 “genres” of questions…..thus – 12Questions! Over 4 nights, we live-streamed to a worldwide audience the “answers” to these questions. Since the event, over 500,000 people have viewed the sessions, over 30 churches have used this curriculum for both their adult and teen classes, and we have reached into over 100 countries and all 50 states! Want to be the next?

The videos can be found at www.12questionsdallas.org – The curriculum (12 studies that go along with each question asked and answered during our live event) is available for you for FREE! Why? Because it is our gift to you.

This event was held at the Lewisville Church of Christ in the spring of 2015. Enjoy!

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to check out our event and what all went into      it. We are extremely honored that you are interested in using the #12QuestionsDallas materials as a resource for your church family (or personal)  study.

This document is meant as a follow-up to each individual video as a “study/discussion” guide.

It is our hope and prayer that these questions will spur a lively debate, important discussion, and encourage a healthy conversation within the local church.

If there is any one thing that we learned in putting together this event, it was that people have questions… lots of them! What we also learned, is that people want to have their questions answered, but they rarely know where to turn. What better place to turn to than the church that is of Christ for answers?!

The whole purpose of these sessions was to begin a conversation and allow people to ask their questions. We all have questions that need answering, and the church must step up and become a place of dialogue and debate. The church is not simply a place where everyone who attends has everything figured out. Instead, it is a place where the saints meet to seek the answers to life in God’s word. It is a sanctuary for people’s doubts, that are then grown into a deeper faith. It is okay to ask questions – in fact, it is imperative towards spiritual growth that one asks questions!

So, enjoy these follow-up questions, enjoy the videos, and let us know what you thought about them at 12questionsdallas@lewisvillecofc.org – thank you!


This is a 12-week series, featuring one question per week. Begin each night by watching the  video session. Each session is around 45 minutes in length. All sessions can be found at www.12questionsDallas.org – watch them in their entirety and then provide either a leader to ask the following questions of your class, or print copies of this study guide, and break your class up into smaller groups for personal discussion. While we recommend about 15 minutes for these discussion questions, please feel free to take your time to explore these questions  thoroughly.

All questions in bold were asked and answered in the interview portion of the session…

but provide your own answers! If someone were to ask you that question, how would YOU answer? The rest were additional follow-up questions we received.


Practice answering each question as if someone who is not a Christian is asking the question.

For in Him we love and move and have our  being,

Brandon Edwards



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