One of the things I always look forward to is new tech related gear or products….especially ones that make a great product while also being something useful.

Many in ministry today have contacted me about cameras, editing, software, and live streaming. In fact, its almost a daily conversation. So, when a product comes along that answers some, if not all, of these questions, its one I love to share.

So, here is a product that I personally haven’t had to opportunity to use myself (yet), but it fits definitely into a category of “must-haves.”

Mevo – by Livestream – provides live streaming, editing, and live production abilities from an iPad/iPhone and one camera set up. It allows for live streaming (a lot like facebook live) but with a higher production scale. One can actually edit on the fly, zoom in, and basically “produce” a live show with Mevo. You can also record and edit separately. Personally, its a great “starter” package (in lieu of getting a multi-camera setup and studio) for any church that wants to do promotional videos, sermon promotional videos, live streaming of Bible classes, live streaming of worship services (would need to be set up close to podium for sound – it would be tough in a large auditorium), or live stream and record church events.

The coolest part? Its affordable! Currently, you can buy a one camera setup for $399 and the pro bundle for $599 (extra battery, stand, etc.). That is an AWESOME price.

So, check out Mevo by Livestream. It may be what you are looking for.

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