Meet Brandon Edwards

brandonworking2-w560h640Hi, I’m Brandon Edwards and I am the Global Missions Minister for the Nashville Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. I’m 38 years old, married to the love of my life Kristin, father to two beautiful little girls (Charlotte Kimberly and Cecilia Carrington), and a wonderful little boy named Duncan Alexander. I am the Director for Aggos – the global Missions and Social Media Platform for the worldwide churches of Christ, an Associate Professor at Harbinger Theological Seminary, and the Director of Logistics for the STORY Conference. I am also a Harvard Global Ambassador and class representative for my graduate class at the University of Cambridge (UK). I currently live in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee while continuing my constant vagabond ways around the world. I’ve now lived on three continents and been to six continents overall. I’ve been to three different continents on the same day. I’ve seen people born, and I’ve seen people die. I’ve seen things in my life that people only dream of. I’ve traveled to remote Chinese villages where I was the first foreigner to ever visit. I’ve watched the sunrise and sunset over the waters of the Nile and Yangtze. I’ve baptized men and women on 3 continents. I’ve been persecuted, laughed at, followed, listened to, and ridiculed. I’ve jumped over taxis and survived earthquakes. I’ve been through Chernobyl, Mad Cows Disease, SARS, malaria, and Bird Flu. I’ve studied at the feet of great learned men and have fallen asleep on the shores of Vietnam after singing praises to God. I’ve won and lost thousands of friends. I’ve been so tired after a day’s work that I couldn’t stand anymore. I’ve sinned, ridiculed, laughed at, persecuted others. I’ve been my own worst enemy. I’ve been an innkeeper, Scottish pastry chef, housekeeper, English University professor, missionary, soccer coach, Acapella singer, soccer player, and youth minister. I’m a big brother to 4, younger brother to 1, uncle to 3, husband to 1, son to 2, grandson to 5, son-in-law to 2, brother-in-law to 4, father to 1, and friend to thousands. I’m a geographical and cultural oddity. I’m Italian by culture, American by nationality. Despite my own intentions, God continues to work through me. I’m nothing without my God and nothing I’ve done or will do means anything without him. I’m a sinful, sinful man. I’m made whole by God’s loving grace and the power of his word. I live for him and believe firmly that I will never accept what everyone else says is a good life. I will always do the strange, weird, “why go there”, type of lifestyle. I will not accept a mediocre life. I won’t settle down if it means becoming meaningless. I will seek a journey of a lifetime that will make people sit back and wonder “how did he do that?”. The journey has just begun. Then I met Brandon Jackson and my crazy journey of faith evolved into something even bigger. We don’t know what God has in store for us, but we are simply trying to follow wherever he might lead us. All I know is that God has a sense of humor and He loves to use us for His glory….and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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