“It is about YOU. That’s right. You. We know that in this world there are many who have questions. We also know that there are many who are hurting and are searching for answers. We simply want to help. So, go ahead and ask your questions.”

Our 12Questions event was all about those “seeking” answers to life’s hard questions. We took in over 3000 questions from all over the world and boiled them down to the top 12 “genres” of questions…..thus – 12Questions! Over 4 nights, we live-streamed to a worldwide audience the “answers” to these questions. Since the event, over 500,000 people have viewed the sessions, over 30 churches have used this curriculum for both their adult and teen classes, and we have reached into over 100 countries and all 50 states! Want to be the next?

Head on over to our shop and you can download the study guide for FREE! Why? Because we loved putting this event on and we believe that it should be in the hands of every Christian. So, go download it for free!


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